The following are books, websites, articles, and videos that I LOVE. These resources might be helpful for your healing journey (This place is a work-in-progress so I will continue to add more resources.)

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Things You Need to Know When finding Therapists

The therapist-client therapeutic relationship is the most important thing in psychotherapy and the relationship should be based on trust, safety, collaboration, and communication. It’s important that you find a therapist that you feel safe with and connected to. It is appropriate to ask your therapist questions before you start the therapy work or in your first session. Here are some interview questions to consider:

-What is your philosophy and approach in therapy/counseling?
-How will you work with me to address (the specific issue you wanna bring to counseling)?
-How will I know if I’m getting my needs met?
-Do you understand, and are you comfortable with multicultural issues?
-What types of treatment modalities will you use in therapy? How does that work?

There are different types of psychotherapy. If you are interested in learning more, please go to “Types of Therapy from Psychology Today


Mindfulness is moment to moment awareness. It’s cultivated by purposefully paying attention to things we ordinarily never give a moment’s thought to. You can start getting in touch with your own inner strength and resources by practicing mindfulness!

Jon Kabat-Zinn
Tara Brach

The Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Podcast

Apps for mindfulness:
Free Mindfulness Apps Worthy of Your Attention
Stop, Breathe & Think

Books to learn about mindfulness:

Presence, Parenting, and the Planet”

Let’s learn about the brain and awareness! You can start with watching this talk: “Presence, Parenting, and the Planet”

Dr. Dan Siegel

Dr. Dan Siegel: How presence is the best gift you can give yourself or your child.

Selected Articles:
Dr. Dan Siegel presenting a Hand Model of the Brain
Getting To Know Your Three Brains: Part 1
Getting to Know Your Three Brains: Part 2 Conducting
Getting to Know Your Three Brains: Part 3 Having an Experience
Getting to Know Your Three Brains: Part 4 Triggers
Getting to Know Your Three Brains: Part 5 Challenges to Becoming Aware

Books from Dr. Dan Siegel:

Be In Touch With Your Emotions

Having a basic understanding of how feelings and emotions work is crucial as you embark on your healing journey. I used “The Change Triangle” a lot in my counseling session to provide psychoeducation about emotions and to help my clients be more in touch with their feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. You can check out What is The Change Triangle to learn more about how emotions work.

Hilary Jacobs Hendel (The Change Triangle)
Kristen Neff (Self-Compassion)

Tools to learn about emotions:
The Feeling Wheel
Put Language On Our Physical Sensations or Emotions

Hilary Jacobs Hendel: It’s Not Always Depression

Books about feelings, emotions, and connecting to your authentic self:

Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences

Gretchen Schmelzer  (Journey Through Trauma)
ACES too High

Selected Articles:
What toxic stress does to a child’s brain–and how to heal it.
This Is Why You Can’t Be In a Rush to Heal Trauma

Learn about Breathing & Grounding:
How To Breathe To Calm and Slow Down
Instructional Videos about breathing and grounding
Grounding: A Technique to Reduce Anxiety in the Moment and to help you “hang on” to your authentic Self
53 Grounding Techniques for PTSD, Dissociation, & Anxiety

Books to learn about trauma & adverse childhood experiences:


I love books from Brené Brown so please check out her books and videos!

The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown

Grief and Loss

Refuge in Grief Blog

Selected Articles:
The Griever’s Bill of Rights
Every Loss is Valid and Every Loss is Not The Same

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

Books to learn about grief and loss:

Videos about grief and loss:

We don’t “move on” from grief. We move forward with it | Nora McInerny

Getting To Know Your Parts

Learn more about Internal Family System Therapy (parts work):
The Center for Self-Leadership

Books about IFS

Family Issues & Codependency

Selected Articles:
10 Signs of a Narcissistic Parent
Narcissistic Parents’ Psychological Effect on Their Children
How to let go of the toxic people in our lives (even when they’re family)
Handling the Holidays When Your Parents Stress You Out

Books to learn about family issues and setting boundaries with parents:

Romantic Relationships

Stan Tatkin
Dr. Ramani
The Gottman Institute

Selected Articles:
5 Qualities To Look For In A Life Partner
Marriage Is Not Meant to Make You Happy, It’s Meant To Make You Conscious
I was married to a narcissist for 12 years — and I had NO idea

Books about relationships:

Videos about issues in romantic relationships:

How to fix a broken heart?

These are the signs you’re dating a narcissist

The difference between healthy and unhealthy love

Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships 

The person you really need to marry